the lingering stomach pains forced me to schedule a dr. appt. i was overdue for my annual physical anyways so i called to schedule two appointments. one now. one later. once there, my dr. was sans students and had more free time than usual which meant she combined my sick visit with my annual physical thus saving me a duplicate trip in december.

i waited in the very long line at the CVS pharmacy. i played candy crush. my phone buzzed in my hand. CVS was calling to tell me the prescription my dr. called in earlier today was ready.

work swirled around me as a project confronted me with its numbers, its scary haunting difficult confusing algebraic numbers. i couldn’t sit by the side of the pool any longer. i dove in. it always seems impossible until it’s done.

no stranger to loved ones with stomach pains, she checked in on me tonight. her texts rang with caring and truth. i had no news to report except for a detail that caught me off guard as i hadn’t shown up at the dr’s planning to get my yearly physical. she understood the detail immediately and fully. she empathized and sympathized and made me laugh despite the jiggly ugly truth. she then re-focused my thoughts onto the good, the positive, the sun.

2 thoughts on “efficiency”

    1. leaving notes on two corners of the internet doesn’t begin to express my gratitude for your words. so timely and genuine and accurate. as usual.

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