listening to christmas carols in weather that feels like christmas. fondue. fluid sunday plans. a blanket + a good book. returning a book to the library and having a new one waiting for me. finishing up my christmas shopping. finalizing upcoming travel plans. having an extra pair of gloves to lend. laughter. using emojis as a secret code. finding roxy’s in harvard yard. hearing a friend sing for the first time. having a reason to brave the rain. a red umbrella. new lip balm. having friends who are good at the things i’m bad at. a fully charged phone. facetime with family. trying a new recipe and having it be no so bad. finding a candle that smells almost like that one my sis-in-law gave me two years ago. cold, clear moonlight. a warm bed.

having all these things to be grateful for = BIG joys.


2 Responses to “#smalljoys”

  1. lindagrimes Says:

    Those all sound joyful indeed. :)

    (Though I may have to hate you for having finished your Christmas shopping. *grin* I’ve barely started. Yikes!)

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