a moment of silence

my 1999 chrysler cirrus has been declared a total loss by the insurance company. i, along with the help of C, cleaned it out this morning.

*one yellow snow brush
*one EZ pass
*one tape cassette transformer thing which i used to connect my iphone to the sound system
*one bluetooth speaker and charger
*one phone charger
*one unused jug of ice melt
*one 3/4 used jug of windshield washer fluid
*one pile of printed out directions of places i’ve been
*one maroon pouch of important car related documents, receipts, etc.
*one plastic box of extra apartment keys (that we located “homeland” style using the camera on C’s phone because i couldn’t quite remember the exact location of it).
*seven maps (courtesy of my mom)
*one set of jumper cables
*one pound of dust coating the car

that’s it. that’s all that was in and on my car. (that’s really it? that’s all?) oh and 63K miles of memories.

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