all the rain. a red umbrella for color because it certainly wasn’t for protection. gigantic puddles. wet elbows. jeans in dark denim not because they were in style but because they were soaked. sidewalks crowded with wind and despair.

tonight was my last official class. almost everyone was there buzzing with comments for the workshop and giving the prof the benefit of the doubt before rolling our eyes at his latest tangent. he brought in munchkins and napkins. our homework had been to write a 50 word story. the technology in the room was broken, so a classmate was reading aloud from his laptop. i nominated one written by a very quiet but “listen when she speaks cause it’s right on” girl. i was/am obsessed with her story. it was pure poetry and it was good life advice. the smile on her face when i said “read hers! read hers!” illuminated the overcast night.

a classmate pulled me aside post class, “i know you’re a very busy individual, but could you read my piece one last time? i changed it wholeheartedly.” my smile illuminated the overcast night.

the rain dissolved into mist. my red umbrella returned to its useful state. the sidewalks were crowded with people again.

“great minds think in the same channel.” maga on us dialing each other at the exact same moment.



listening to christmas carols in weather that feels like christmas. fondue. fluid sunday plans. a blanket + a good book. returning a book to the library and having a new one waiting for me. finishing up my christmas shopping. finalizing upcoming travel plans. having an extra pair of gloves to lend. laughter. using emojis as a secret code. finding roxy’s in harvard yard. hearing a friend sing for the first time. having a reason to brave the rain. a red umbrella. new lip balm. having friends who are good at the things i’m bad at. a fully charged phone. facetime with family. trying a new recipe and having it be no so bad. finding a candle that smells almost like that one my sis-in-law gave me two years ago. cold, clear moonlight. a warm bed.

having all these things to be grateful for = BIG joys.



sister J sent this picture:


along with this note: “I have learned your lesson that feet should not come into contact with immovable objects.”

i TRIED to complain and moan and sob about the pain of this lesson, but she went and had to educate herself. hopefully santa will bring her snazzy socks in addition to my cane, which i’ll let her borrow.

readers: may you learn from these two mumfords…and bubble wrap your feet on a daily basis.



i forgot my socks. i’ve never done anything athletic without socks but my opponent was waiting on me. i shoved my feet in my shoes, cranked the laces tight, and headed to the squash court. i’ve never beaten this particular player, so i proceed without any expectations other than to try to win at least a few points every game. it’s a liberating thing going into an event knowing you’re going to fail, but doing it anyways. trying your hardest regardless.

i won two of the five games. a PR! and that fifth game, the rubber match, he really had to work. he showcased how good he is so i didn’t stand a chance, but he was trying. this wasn’t a pity game.

maybe i should forget my socks more often?