a tall empty box plus some screws and washers plus bits of plaster and dirt awaited me upon my arrival back to the day job. the search for more information led me to look up. two brand new light fixtures greeted me. it’s not just my office, there are new lights everywhere at work. my office lights throw off the same color light, but they look so much more glamorous now. the lights in the bathrooms are smaller in size, but project the same intensity so the only difference there is the holes in the wall from the bolts and screws that held up the old lights. the hallway lights, however, are wildly different. they’re circular instead of rectacular and instead of being powered by a switch, they’re motion-sensored. as you walk down a hallway or up/down a flight of stairs, the lights brighten one by one as you pass them. it’s a little odd and it’s a lot bright. as one coworker quipped, “you could do surgery in that hallway now.”

we are not surgeons.

i keep getting mini shocks whenever i get up out of my chair or touch my filing cabinet or the wall or the doorway. oh, winter air, you cackling crackling fool, you.

the wind is on overdrive today. i guess that’s what happens when the temperature starts out at 47 and by day’s end is 17. the cold air has to arrive somehow. happy january.

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