i purchased new glasses and with the new frames came a doctor’s appointment and a slightly modified prescription. the frames are darker and more structural and a completely different shape that my previous ones, which i’ve had for 11 years. it was a big change. i thought i was ready for it and yet, the glasses weren’t comfortable. they were so bold against my blonde features and i felt dizzy every time i put them on (at the office while looking at the computer). i tried them on for short periods of time. i left them on for long stretches. i felt sick whenever i wore them. i went back to the eye doctor and they checked out the lenses and said they matched the prescription. i shook my head. i scheduled another appointment with the eye doctor to recheck my eyes. it was a different doctor and she essentially agreed with the first one, but determined we should take the prism part out of the prescription. she thought that was originally prescribed because of all the headaches i was experiencing, but since i was so uncomfortable/dizzy with it in the prescription, so had it removed.

i picked up my new glasses last night and i’m wearing them now. it wasn’t the frames i was intensely aware of but the lenses. with the right prescription, i can see like a millions bucks.

we got 24″ of snow monday/tuesday. another 5″ is set to fall tomorrow. i’ve snowed all the snow i can snow. and yet, at least it’s not the 7 feet of lake effect snow that rochester, NY got at the end of 2014. 29″ seems feasible when framed by 7 feet.

the yoga teacher today would tell us the pose to go into and then add on a more complex movement for those advanced students (read: not me). it was the first time a teacher’s given the pose and then suggested a more difficult version. usually they go for the difficult move and then explain a modified, easier pose. it made the class more accessible and more enjoyable and i was less likely to compete with myself when i had no business doing so.

i’ve discovered herbal teas are up my tastebuds’ alley. well, lemon/ginger and lemon/hibiscus ones anyways. next step, try to find a caffeinated tea i can enjoy. suggestions welcome.

4 thoughts on “frames”

  1. Oh and I like the way the yoga teacher have the easier pose first and then the version for more experienced folks!! I would appreciate a class like that also!

    1. it was so refreshing because it seems like everyone in these classes has been doing it for years and i’ve only got 10 classes under my belt. i’m such a beginner! oof.

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