battle gear

this day threatened and taunted and poked and prodded. it was a tornado of icy air and miscommunication and this platter of brownies* and get everything done and i just wanted to lie flat on the ground out of the destruction zone. the neverending bus ride left me with one slice of pizza and no company and no thai food and disappointment and salt residue caked on my boots. there was nothing to do but ride it out.

and then, N’s endless smile zapped the thundercloud over my head and it rained familiarity and warmth. a longtime friend of hers became a new friend of mine as we finally met after years of hearing each other’s names. we made another new friend in the form of a sincere, genuine, and enthusiastic author whose words, life lessons, and story hummed around the room. (the wine and chocolate didn’t hurt either.)

book talk over, we three girls wrapped our hands around warm white mugs splashed with color from the tea inside. we could have been preparing to dye easter eggs, instead, we were preparing for love.

i’m ending the night with words, this untouched platter of brownies*, and a heart full of possibility.

*the brownies (allegedly one of my best batches ever) were for my mechanic, but after carting them around the past two days each time the plumber called me back to my apartment (in hopes the mechanic would call simultaneously with the news my car was ready and i could combine the two errands), the mechanic called with news that a defective part was delivered and they’re still waiting and i’m still waiting and the car won’t be ready until wednesday, maybe thursday, now friday…how long are homemade brownies good for anyway?

8 thoughts on “battle gear”

    1. not from scratch but made with love from a box. after making from scratch brownies my whole childhood, i must say i prefer box brownies. so delish!!

    1. thank you!! it was such a shocking revelation to learn in college that after all those special from scratch brownies, i preferred the box ones. they taste like Oreos, i think ;)

      can’t wait to see where this next adventure takes us!

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