convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #113


i’d stepped to the side to give a mother and her daughter the right of way because the upcoming stretch of sidewalk was one way due to lingering snow. the mother, recognizing my gesture, quickened her step. the daughter, 6 at most, but most likely 5, trudged ever slowly forward.

mother: come on, honey. hurry up.

me: *smiles* no hurry.

daughter appears to be slowing down.

mother: let’s go, sweetie. this nice lady is waiting.

daughter: *scowls* *grumbles* *doesn’t hurry*

the temperatures were as warm as they’ve been all winter, so i didn’t mind waiting. also, the thundercloud of a little girl was amazing to watch. i’m not sure if she just isn’t a morning person (what kid isn’t though?) or if she was preparing her mother for her actions when she’s 15 or if she didn’t like the breakfast her mother’d made her eat that morning, but both mother and daughter’s actions were born of familiarity and comfort and love.

it made me think of my interactions with my mom and i’m super grateful i’m no longer the troublesome teen because i sure gave my mom a run for her money back then.

3 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #113”

  1. What?!? As a teen we have mom a run for her money? ;) It is funny to see interactions like this on the adult side of it!

    1. oh, this is the post mom referenced to me while we were in denver. apparently i REALLY gave her a run for her money, even more than i was aware of. it was an educational discussion for me. *feels guilty* and then, uncle T let loose some crazy childhood stories and it turns out she (and her friends) gave him a run for his money. full circle or something… ;)

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