ferociously lonely

this is a feeling i get every easter sunday, or more specifically, every time my family comes to visit and has to leave me behind.

because we spend the weekend crammed together. because we laugh. because we bicker. because we know each other so well. because we push, we pull, we wait, we love. because they’re comfortable. because when they’re around, they make me forget i can do it all on my own and when they leave and take my heart with them, it takes time to regain the independence i usually maintain on a daily basis. because when they leave, it makes me realize i can do it on my own, but i don’t want to.

and yet, i have to.

which is why i’m fortunate to have such interludes of safety nets and local family and togetherness.

4 thoughts on “ferociously lonely”

  1. *embracing you in hugs!* so glad you had a great weekend but sorry for the feeling afterwards. Time with the family is the best! Missing you tons and can’t wait to see you at some time soon. Xoxo

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