Nurse: “Do your veins move?” Me: “They never have before.” Nurse: “Well, that one just did. I’m going to have to stick you again.” My veins were jealous of the cross town move my body went through and they decided to join in on the action.

A seasickness patch is effective not just on the sea, but on a surgical gurney as well.

In a freezing room full of people and me with wires and tubes and masks and needles, loneliness and fear echoed louder than my heartbeat and time hid in the corner and memories ceased to exist.

Me texting C that I was in recovery and could she come sit with me: “The nurse said this would be like a drinker text.”

There are no restrictions on my recovery and full movement is encouraged. “Good thing,” I said to my doctor, “I’m signed up for the marathon on Monday.”

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