Due to the down time between camp ending and work ending, a coworker’s child was in the office. I overheard the introduction, “This is my daughter” and I saw the small quirk of a smile from the little girl.

I thought about how my parents have full, busy lives and how they balance that with being parents to adult children and grandparents to young children and how they still provide love, advice, support, and money and how they travel and dream and do and how I have a full, busy life and how I balance that with being a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend and how I travel and dream and plan, but haven’t quite mastered the bravery part. I still have some things to learn from them.

I thought how much my smile has grown exponentially (from then to now) whenever my parents introduce me. It bears the fruit of hindsight and clarity and gratitude and love. I wish there was a “take your adult child to work day” because I want to see what they do all day and I want to hear all the accolades their coworkers have for them.

Daughter is a label I wear proudly and I want more opportunities to brag about my parents.

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