convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #118


I spent last night hooked up to an at-home sleep study machine which included tubes and wires and tangled bouts of sleep. Barely any sleep, actually. Having reached the Starbucks point of my walk, I decided my usual decaf americano wasn’t going to cut it. I was going to go big.

J: Good morning, Abby.

Me: Hi, J. Can I have an iced grande half-caf americano?

J: There are 3 shots in that. Do you want it 1/3 decaf and 2/3 caffeine or…?

Me: Oh, umm, I don’t care. Surprise me.

With the order paid for, I moved down the counter to wait for my drink. R was in charge of the espresso machine. He held up the marked up cup that said “1/3” under caffeine. “Do you really want it as 1/3 caffeine?”

Me: I’m not sure. There was math involved. Too early.

R: I sort of overheard your conversation with J and I can actually do this fully half caf. I mean, I can pull all three shots as half caf.

Me: Oh! Yes! That’s what I want. Please and thank you.

R: No problem.

Okay, so, I’m kind of a regular and neither J or R was a stranger, but it was an interesting lesson in espresso making.

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