abroad life

My second set of friends have packed their US selves and are going global. Yay for them. Sad for me. Good for all is that you (and I) can follow along on their adventures here.

I’ve known E since 1995 and T since 2002. I’ve lived with E and spent my first, formative Boston year surrounded by them, their wisdom, and their cheer. We’ve had batches of beer soaked evenings and grill-fests and concerts and resume evaluations and jobs lost and jobs won and taxi drivers take the long way and movies and dinners in and out and late nights and early mornings and new apartments and houses and weddings and cars and travel and fireworks in the ‘Ville and laughter.

We’ve gone from being babies in the big bad city to having babies (well, they have…).

After all those years and moments big and fast and small and wide, they hatched a plan to “break free of their narrow life and leap into a broad life.” “How?” rung a beat in my head over and over as I thought “Of course and What and For Real and How much and How come and Jealous and Adopt me and Please take me with you.”

It’s hard to imagine Boston without them because they’ve been a steady influence in my life. E’s the reason I had the guts to move up here not to mention I’d recently moved to a new apartment within walking distance of them. I was excited for neighborhood run-ins and quick casual visits and drinks on the patio and the occasional big night out, but now, our interactions will have to be limited to email and social media. Here’s hoping their new, broader life breaks the boundaries of the internet so I can see and hear and touch and taste and smell the world right along with them.

Here’s to outlining and chasing and catching your dreams. <3

Bon voyage!

2 thoughts on “abroad life”

    1. I’ll hold down the neighborhood for you while you paint the world red. :) I can’t wait to hear all the details!

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