I’ve never planned a trip so extensively as my recent trip to Spain.

I’ve never traveled with just Sister E.

I’ve never flown within a European country.

I’ve never visited a historic site that’s still in the process of being built.

I’ve never tried to navigate a color-coded metro system using a black&white printout.

I’ve never had a “local” friend before.

I’ve never had a European cell phone nor felt like such a hardcore, take charge spy when I used one.

I’ve never overlapped vacations and managed to make the most of the 5 hour overlap before.

I’ve never had food poisoning abroad.

I’ve never had a bus driver acknowledge me and then keep on driving abroad. (Oh, but I’ve had this done in the US.)

I’ve never bought walking sandals the day before vacation and had them not give me blisters. (I could have worn those babies all day and all night.)

I’ve never been not nervous when solo navigating my way around a large (or small) European city.

I’ve never studied people so hard trying to find and follow the tourists to the historic sights.

I’ve never insulted someone by saying thank you before.

I’ve never had sweet vermouth + a few drops of bitters + a toothpick with an orange and an olive and loved it so fiercely.

All these nevers left a lot of room for firsts, for a proper education, for diving in without checking the temperature of the water. I suggest you compile your own list of nevers and cross them off one by one or, heck, all at once. ;)

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