The impossible can take on many forms, such as my Halloween inspiration:

pro spideweb makeup

I first attempted it on Halloween 2014 because I was feeling lazy and the thought of pulling together/buying various articles of clothing to form a costume was too much. I wanted to use what I already had on hand. A black dress, crazy patterned tights, a headband with a tiny witch’s hat on it, and a variety of makeup.

My look ended up more understated than the inspiration, but serviceable nevertheless.

This Halloween, I expanded my makeup options by borrowing some purple eyeshadows and nail art stickers from a friend. I gathered every form of eye makeup I had and added M’s stash to it. I knew the look was achievable (see: last year), but the crowd of liners and shadows and brushes and crayons and mascaras and fake lashes took my breath away.

My hands jittered as I switched from brushes and shadows to liquid liners and back. I swiped and dusted and pulled and wiped off and poked and stepped back and dabbed and traced and removed and added and squinted and shook my head and blended. I used eyelash glue for the first time. The blacks and blues and purples piled up, each layer thicker than the last. Nail art stuck to my face and my fingertips.

Q-tips + a smear of lotion were a formidable combination against the many mistakes and mis-starts and re-dos.

Focusing on one section of my face, one brush stroke, one minute at a time, my face transformed.

2015 1


My elation with the final product was tempered by the realization I had only 5 minutes until I had to leave. I still needed to divide up my and M’s makeups, clean up the spills and overflows, pack my purse, and get dressed in my official outfit.

My polished self locked the door, leaving the disheveled bathroom behind. That would have to be future Abby’s impossible task.

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