Sitting around the dinner table from me were two faces I’d known since 1994. They look the same and yet, so worldly. I’m thrilled to still have them in my life. Our conversations may have shifted from crushes to husbands, homework to houses, and babysitting gigs to (their own) babies, but the laughter, love, and respect are always present.

The first portion of the walk home, E called her husband to check in. Minimally aware of their conversation, I was acutely aware of having been here before. My first year in Boston, E and I were roommates and she’d talk to her then boyfriend, now husband every night at 11. Their plan to combat the long distance love affair. Then and now, I’d catch snatches of conversation, not intentionally listening, but knowing what I did hear was part of a grand story of love.

4 thoughts on “flashback”

    1. It’s been fun having her as my “roommate” this week while they’re in town for the holidays. An early holiday present. :)

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