Two carefully wrapped packages from my parents. Two cards. Supplies inside.

Two playlists prepped for bigger moments tried out early in a small space.

A selfie.

A peppermint mocha and a birthday wish.

More birthday wishes via calls and texts.

A basket of home baked cookies tied with a blue ribbon. A donut slathered with chocolate fudge frosting.

A box from a local chocolatier ordered from very far away. My heart is snapping turtle popcorn shaped.

A stomach swirling with sugar and excitement.

A phone fairly exploding with text messages. Wishes and questions and explanations and catching up and laughter. Relevant and irrelevant topics covered.

Me floating through the day.

Reality: day job duties.

Mini celebrations in the hallways.

Major celebrations online.

Friends traveling from parts near and far.

Love experienced with all 5 senses.

A Friday. The end of a week.

Another year begun.


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