unexpected wisdom

“Whatever decision you make becomes the new normal.”

He said it in with a brass band spilling their artistic guts onto the dance floor. He said it as we celebrated friends combining their lives and love. He said it partly in reference to the imminent birth of his daughter and partly about buying a house in an unexpected neighborhood.

He meant it as he said it. He meant it as advice to himself.

I couldn’t help but think how true to life/everything it was.

No matter the size or density, change is scary and difficult, but he was right that with time, life softens the edges of each decision until it takes on a familiar shape and you forget your fear and sink into what is now true.

I snatched that gold nugget and tucked it in my purse along with my chapstick, mints, and ID because the clarity, sageness, and calming aspects of M’s unexpected advice lingered longer than the very last note of the excellent trombone player.

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