friday thoughts

Honeysuckle drenched summer nights.

I love this book + its audiobook.

This iphone charger is my favorite.

This series of books by Linda Grimes is so consistently hilarious and well written and I want everyone to read them.

“The pain won’t lessen in intensity, but will lessen in frequency.” Here’s to an unusual healing style.

A father’s thoughts on HAMILTON, the musical + making his teen daughter’s dream come true.

My kingdom for tickets to HAMILTON.

This recipe might be the one that gets me to try zoodles. If only I had that gadget to help.

Plan C coming together for upcoming international travel.


Today, for the first time in exactly 7 weeks, I walked all the way to work.

4 thoughts on “friday thoughts”

  1. Hooray for adult steps (to work)! Ready to run on Sunday morning? 😉 And international travel?! Can’t wait to hear the details!

    1. Doctor’s orders are to hold off on “intense” exercise until 10 weeks out… which means, Nantucket…which means, frisbee on the beach anyone?!?!

      HAHA HA Ha ha haaaa *sob*

  2. zoodles are great! you must try them. and yay for walking to work. if it wasn’t soooo hot down here all the time i’d probs walk to work too. i guess thats what i get for living in the seventh circle of hell…

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