21st century technology

Me: Sorry I’m calling so late.

Maga: Were you out somewhere?

Me: Actually, I was. On a date.

Maga: How did you meet him?

Me: Online. It’s what everyone does these days.

Maga: *gasps* Goodness gracious. Technology. I had no idea. How did you get his phone number?

Me: Email.

Maga: Email on the internet. *statement of fact, tone of wonder*

Me: How did you and Jobo meet?

Maga: We met on a blind date. He had a friend at MIT who knew a girl at Wellesley. Jobo loved to dance, but he was from California so didn’t know anyone to invite to the Junior Prom. His friend asked my friend if she knew anyone. She asked me. And that’s how it all started.

Me: What was your first impression of him?

Maga: I thought he was very nice. He was as you know. He came to Wellesley to pick me up even though the dance was in Cambridge. I came to the swinging doors of the corridor I lived on and there was a tall, nice looking man. Taller than me. I was quite a bit taller then. And we hit it off. And that started all these children and grandchildren. My oh my that was a long time ago. So you had a nice time tonight?

Me: I did.

Maga: It’s sort of fun to meet new people, isn’t it?

Me: It can be, yes. How about you? Met anyone new at your new place?

Maga: Oh. No. The only place to meet people is in the dining room. They’re weird. I shouldn’t complain, but… Oh, Abby dear. I sure hope when you’re 95 things have smoothed out a bit.

Me: With the way technology is going, I’ll probably be a robot by that point.

Maga: *laughs* I sure wish you lived closer.

Me: Me too.

Maga: But at least we have the telephone.

Score one for today’s technology.

4 thoughts on “21st century technology”

  1. Oh I do love her so much! She is so sweet and funny! I miss her too! Glad you had such a fun talk with her!!

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