“Do you have the tennis matches on?” Maga asked.

“Oh, no. I don’t. I just walked in the door.”

“Tennis was my game. I loved to play. Look at those girls. Are they ever good. Serena seems to be ahead, so that’s good to see. Boy that was a good shot. Right down the alley.”

“They do know what they’re doing! My mom, dad, Aunt J and Uncle P are going to the games this weekend.”

“Oh, yes. I saw J today. She leaves tomorrow.”

“I went to the US Open once and man was it fun. I had a blast!”

“Now they’ve got some men on. Boy are they fast. Oh he just hit it out.”

“How long did you play tennis for?”

“I started in college and then …. that shot was out. I shouldn’t be talking to you and watching this at the same time….My goodness, these men are efficient.”

“How is the game different than when you played?”

“It’s so different. We just played on outside courts. Now they have kind of inside courts that are open on the top but…Now we’re back with the ladies. Serena Williams vs. the Russian.”

“You’re clearly enjoying the games. I’ll let you go so you can watch them.”

“Oh, no. I so look forward to our Tuesday chats. I’m glad we have them in common.”

“How was your day today? What did you do?”

“I went to the doctor because I fell this weekend and had to get an x-ray taken.”

“Oh no! Are you okay? What did you hurt? Are you in much pain? Can you walk?”

“I sit in a wheelchair most of the day. Other times I use a walker. I don’t lay around in bed all day, so that’s something. I get out and around…My these girls are good at tennis. I wish I could do that. But at my age, I guess it’s not an option.”

She sure was running circles around me.

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