“Hi Maga. It’s Abby.”

“Oh Abby dear. Isn’t today Wednesday?”

*hangs head in shame* “Yes. Yes it is.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m actually in my new place. I’m doing some cleaning before the big move on Friday.”

“Do I have your address? And phone number?”

“My phone number will stay the same as usual. I’m going to mail you a letter that will have my new address on it.”

“Oh, please do. And could you include your new number?”

“It’s the same as before. You must have it.”

“I’m sure I do, but with all the moving I’ve been doing lately…things have gotten jumbled. Why don’t you tell it to me again? Your new number.”

“You have been moving a lot. Were you able to take any personal things to the rehab center?”

“No, no. They’re all at Lowry.”

“Isn’t it good to be back there?”

“Well, yes and no. It’s full of odd people. Oh don’t tell anyone I said that. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s between you and me, Maga.” [AND MY BLOG] [with its whopping 10 readers]

“I lived in my other house for over 60 years. It was so comfortable.”

“But Lowry is better than the rehab place, isn’t it?”

“Oh, for certain.”

“Well, let’s focus on that that.”

“I was going to call you later tonight since I didn’t hear from you last night.”

“I am so sorry. I actually sat up in bed at 11:30 last night and said out loud, ‘It’s Tuesday. I never called Maga.’ That’s how frazzled this move is making me. For no good reason, I missed our usual phone call and by the time I remembered, it was too late to call you.”

“Why don’t you give me your new number?”

“There isn’t a new number. It’s the same as before. It’s the same as the one I’m talking to you on now.”

“Mmmhmm. Yes. Why don’t you tell me your new number?”

*sighs* *continues Swiffering floors* “Do you have a pencil handy?”

She somehow did and so I gave her my cell phone for the dozenth time because my guilt over forgetting to call her was as thick as her determination to record some portion of the changes I was going through.

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