“Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?” I said.

“No,” Maga said. “I didn’t. Did you?”


“What’s a good resolution to make?” And before I could answer, she did. “Good health. Although that’s not always under our control.”

Another thing not under my control was the rest of the conversation. It careened from Christmas vacation to how I found my new living situation to if I’d met my neighbors to what my new address is to what my phone number is and wound back around to how I found my place.

“The internet,” I said, trying to slow the barrage of questions.

“The internet? That’s a good place to find things.”

“It sure is.”

“When you get settled into your new place, you’ll have kiddies running around soon.”

I’m not sure which previously stated advice to follow: some things are not under our control, or, the internet is a good place to find things.