“I’m glad you called early today,” Maga said, “because I’ve got plans for later tonight.”

“I suspected you might. I hope I’m not interrupting you resting up for your festivities later tonight?”

“I’ve been resting all day. I had a terrible night. Up at 2am and never went back to sleep, so I’ve been resting for the past couple of hours.”

“A regular disco nap.”

“What’s that?”

“Never mind. So, you’re going to CHCC?”

“Yes. With S and F. CHCC puts on a wonderful display of fireworks though they’re too loud for me. I don’t like loud things as you know. I won’t wear my hearing aid so maybe then I won’t be too uncomfortable.”

“Seems like a solid plan, although will you be able to hear S and F during dinner if you don’t have your hearing aid in?”

“Oh yes, I’ll be fine. They’ll be fine.”

Setting up plans like a boss lady. Sure seems like the firework show came early!

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