We were wrapping up the conversation when Maga said, “And it’s Tuesday, so thank you so much for calling.”

“Actually, it’s Wednesday.”

“IT IS?!”


“Well where were you yesterday?”

“It’s more like where were YOU yesterday?”

“Oh, you know, I was out to dinner with T & B.”

“…dinner with T & B.” (I chimed in since this wasn’t the first time we’d talked about her dinner companions tonight.) “I called you twice last night!”

“You did? Did you leave any messages?”

“Yes. Both times with your caregiver. The first time she told me when you were expected back home. The second time when you still weren’t back yet (that T is a talker!), she told me she’d tell you I called.”

“She didn’t tell me.” Maga sounded mildly, borderline enraged.

“Not to worry, Maga,” I soothed, giving the caregiver the benefit of the doubt over Maga’s short term memory. “That’s why I called back tonight. And that’s why I said ‘Is it really you?’ instead of ‘Hi, Maga’ when you picked up the phone.”

“Oh. Well,” she chuckled. “Good thing you’re persistent. I appreciate it more than you know.”

Such a sexy character trait. Hmm, maybe I should add that to my dating profile?

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