“Abby, dear! You’re back!” Maga didn’t question why I was calling on a Monday.

“I am. Still a bit jet lagged, but getting back into the swing of things.”

“Did you happen to send me a postcard?”

“Of course. I mailed it on Saturday, so it’ll take some time to get to you because I don’t think they have mail services on Sundays and then Hurricane Ophelia hit them today, so you’ll have to be patient.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a postcard from Ireland.”

“You will in a few days time!”

I’m certain she could hear the smile in my voice as I went over the details of my trip + my travel companions more than once. “I’ve gotten it all straightened out in my mind now,” Maga said. “It sure is nice to have company to travel with.”

“I am very lucky in that regard.”

“You sure are the traveler of the family.”

“I certainly have held that title of late.”

I’ve had strong traveling role models in the forms of Maga, Jobo, and my parents. Hmm, does that make the travel bug something I’ve developed by nature or nurture (or maybe a mixture of both)?


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