“Are you home?” Maga asked.

“I’m in my apartment, yes.”

“And I’m in my apartment, so that makes the two of us.”

As she relayed her dinner (“beef sandwich and ice cream for dessert, and salad at the beginning”), I realized we really are two of a kind. Sandwiches and salad and ice cream? That’s my kind of meal.

“Do you have any travel plans for the rest of the year?”

“Just to Mom and Dad’s for the holidays.”

“That’s it?”

“I’m waiting for my wallet to refill after all the other travels I’ve done this year.”

That got a hearty chuckle out of Maga. (Was it the sad state of my bank account? Or the way I phrased this period of saving/waiting?) Either way, there was plenty of room for laughter here for these two peas in a pod.

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