“Have you seen any family lately?” Maga asked.

“Nope. They’ve all been visiting you!”

“Oh, well yes, I guess they have.”

Her words as she retold recent events were bright and happy. During the middle of explaining about her most recent guests, it dawned on her I might be equally fond of them. “Do you like having nieces and nephews?”

“Are you kidding? IT’S THE BEST.”

“It is kind of special, isn’t it?”

I wholeheartedly agreed, but for as much as we have in common, this isn’t one of those things. She has no siblings and so she created the family that surrounds her. Meanwhile, all I did was have the good fortune to be born into this family and inherit the folks I share a name with. She raised four kids (and helped with twelve grandkids and nine great grandkids). I just have to remember six nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays. (Which I do with pride and pleasure.)

But then again, how different can we really be when our paths intersect every Tuesday evening?

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