“Oh, Abby, dear. I just called you,” Maga said.

“You did?”

“Yes. But it said the phone number I dialed was invalid.”


“Let me see here. I dialed…” She rattled off nine of ten correct digits. “Is that your number?”

“Not quite. In the area code, the two is actually a one.”

“Oh, I see. The two is sort of blurred. I guess it could be a one.”

Numbers blurry and confusing? Maybe it’s her handwriting or eyesight after 97 years. Maybe it’s her abilities with math? Maybe it’s just MY abilities with math, but truer words have never been spoken in my presence.

I love finding the ways in which our brains overlap. Like a Venn Diagram. Hey, maybe I’m not such a lost cause when it comes to math!

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