“How’s the weather in Boston?” Maga asked.

“Not sure. I’m not there. I’m in [different location].”

“Oh, that’s right. You’re with [Brother G]’s family for the holiday. I’m so glad you’re there. I think families should get together as often as they can.”

As I was in the midst of agreeing with her, my surroundings registered and I realized I was literally standing in front of a handmade item she crafted for Brother G upon his birth.

“Maga!” I cried, “Guess what’s in front of me right now? A cross stitch picture of a train with G’s name, his birth year, and your initials.”

“What year was that?”


“My! That was a long time ago.”

“How did you have time to do all that?”

“Of course I was younger then which meant I had more energy for that sort of thing. Age makes a difference.”


“You know G and his son A were in Denver recently for A’s birthday, and, I guess to see me too.”

“They were 100% there to see you, Maga! Can you believe how grown up A is?”

“Time flies and people’s ages do too.”

She may have been only a mother and never an aunt and I may be only an aunt and never a mother, but we both agree whatever role/shape, families should get together as often as life, time, and finances allow.

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