“How’s your weather been so far this winter,” Maga asked.

“Really good, actually. I just started wearing my proper winter coat this week.”

“That’s good?”

“Yes! I didn’t need it until January! That’s exciting. And we haven’t had any snow yet. I consider that a huge win.”

“Do you get a lot of snow there?”


“Oh dear.”

“Wait. Didn’t you get a lot of snow when you were at Wellesley?”

“I suppose we did. I don’t really remember. It was probably just enough to turn it all white.”

“A dusting is about all I can handle.”

“I don’t know if it’s my old age, but I do not like snow anymore.”

“If it’s old age, then I’m that age too.”

Maga chuckled. “Aren’t you celebrating something this weekend with your mom and sisters?”

“Yes! [Sister J]’s birthday.”

“How old is she?”


“Is that so? My oh my. How time flies.”

An hour earlier, I witnessed Sister J claim she could facetime multiple people and then call out to her 8yo for directions on how to do so, so I too can attest that “my oh my, how time flies.” We are already turning to the younger generation for help.

Let’s hope Maga’s other claim that [my home state] only gets enough snow to turn the landscape white comes true. Although, the birthday celebrations (shenanigans) will not be dampened whatever the weather!

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