“How are you?” I asked.

“Feeling lonely,” Maga said. “My relatives all live so far away.”

“But, here I am!”

“Yes. Thank goodness for the telephone. Have you seen any family lately?”

“Well, I’m here with my mom and dad.”

“You are? Why’s that?”

I went on to explain about the work conference that brought me to my parents’ town.

“So, you’re going to seminars to catch up on the very latest,” she said.

“Maga! Well done!” I exclaimed. Her zippy summary of my work trip blew me away, especially since the vast majority of my explanation involved details about computer software, something she doesn’t often understand.

“It must be nice to get away. Change the scene.”

“You have no idea.”

“You’re a good worker,” she said, apropos of nothing we were talking about. “No doubt about that. You’ve always been a dependable person. I like that in my relatives.”

Relatives. Bosses. I guess my resume’s the same for both. At least, it is this week with this work trip intersecting with a visit to family. But no matter what, here’s dependable me making my Tuesday night call to my best Tuesday night lady.

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