Maga dropped two pearls of wisdom tonight:

“Be patient and wait for something good to happen.”

“Let’s speak up and get it straightened out.” + “If we speak up together, maybe they’ll be more accommodating.”

The first was in relation to work, but it could be a lens to look at my (lack of) dating life. The second was regarding the details of my father’s family tree, but I’m choosing to hear it as us women need to stick together and raise our voices to get the equality we, and those who come after us, deserve.

Sometimes it’s not the little things, but the big things she says that I can file away. And sometimes it’s not the big moments, but all the little ones we spend “together” that add up to a big story.

2 thoughts on “7.15.19”

    1. I do too. Although, sometimes I wonder what she’d say if she knew I’d been “recording” these conversations all these years…? (Not entirely sure she’d understand it if I explained it to her now.)

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