“You sound chipper,” I said.

“I do?”


“I’m glad you told me,” Maga said, as if she couldn’t feel the upbeat attitude she was projecting. (I guess at 98yo your feelings dull a bit?) “I miss you all.” (Guess her feelings are back in working mode.)

“I miss you too.”

“You do?”

“Of course.”

“Good.” (Yup, her feelings are definitely back in working order.) “Are you going somewhere this weekend?”


“Oh, I thought you were.”

“Nope… Oh. I know what you’re thinking of. [Aunt J] is traveling to see my mom. They’re going to the US Open like always.”

“The tennis tournament?”

“The very one.”

“That was my game!”

“I know! Did you ever play doubles?”


“With other females only or did you play with co-ed partners?”

“Mixed doubles.”

“Oh, yes. That’s it! That’s what I meant.”

“Yes, I did play.”

“Who were your partners?”

“Jobo. Sons. Your dad.”

“My dad?”

“[N] is your dad…?”


“I think he played too.”

“You had all sorts of tennis players in your life. I love it! I think [Cousin P] was the most accomplished though. He played in college.”

“Yes. He was quite good. Do you play?”

“A little bit.”

“You should play a little bit more. Get good at it. It’s good exercise.”

“Indeed it is. For now, I just go for runs and I walk a lot.”

“I walk a lot too.”

I think she means her caregivers take her for a lot of walks, but who am I to mess with her current reality? I’m happy to point out when she’s chipper, but I’m not going to point out any physical limitations. After all, she was quite a tennis player and I’m happy she was still able to correct me on the details of the sport. Time together with her is time together whether or not I’m on the losing end of the conversation.

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