“I didn’t want to miss you while I was out in the open field,” Maga said.


She chuckled. “Yes, that.”

The truth was that she was out for a walk* and while I’d tried her three times earlier, my timing was off. Fortunately, her caregiver suggested she give me a call, but they had to come back inside to fetch my phone number.

“I’m honored you came back inside for me, but I don’t want to take you away from the fresh air.”

“I’ve always loved the fall.”

“Me too! Did you love the fall better in MA or CO?”

“I loved it in Massachusetts at the time. Oh my. Are you watching this? It’s raining or snowing and someone got beat up.”

“Noooo. What is it?”

“Turn on NBC.”


“So we can watch this show together.”

The sentiment was heart-meltingly sweet and it was almost enough to override my inability to use technology, but not quite. You see, I was watching a DVD from the library and to switch the input back to the TV and potentially lose my place within the DVD when I don’t actually know which episode of Homeland I’m on because I just hit “play all” when I put the disk in…well, it had me feeling closer to 98 than 38.

“I don’t sweat new jobs,” Maga said.

*silent snickering*

“Oh, oh, oh, there’s a big hairy dog. He’s so big. You’ve got to see this. Are you watching it?”

“Not yet.”

“And there’s a baby, there’s an ambulance. They put a sheet over him. I think he died.”

“I think it’s fake.”

“I hope so. Are you watching it?”

“Not yet.”

But, I mean, why watch NBC’s The Voice when you can have your 98yo grandmother narrate it to you?

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