“Is it Tuesday,” Maga asked.

“Nope. It’s Friday.”

“And here you are again.”

“Here I am.”

“Thank you for calling. I love hearing your sweet voice.”


After that sweet introduction, we spent a bunch of time on the weather. We both had lovely fall days today.

“I don’t like it when food comes on my TV,” Maga said. “Do you?”

“I love it.”


“Well, yes because it’s way better looking than anything that comes out of my kitchen.”

“Now they’re in the mud.”

“While they’re making food?!?” I said.

“I think it’s a car commercial.”


“There’s John Elway on the Broncos field. Is there a football team you cheer for?”

“The New England Patriots.” #TB12

“And what sports do you play?”

I went over the various sports (softball, squash) I play, going to the gym, and how I spend a lot of time walking around due to having no car.

“Do you play ping pong,” Maga asked.

I nearly spit out the sip of water I’d just taken. “No.”

“It’s a good sport that you can play indoors and play all the time. There are lots of indoor courts. It’s very good exercise and you to have to keep on your toes.”

“Did you ever play??!?”

“Oh yes. I liked it very much. It was pretty good exercise.”

“I knew you played tennis, but ping pong? Really? Did you play at Wellesley?”

“Oh yes. I did. I loved playing. It was very good exercise. Do you play?”

“No. Where would I play?”

“I guess if you don’t have a table nearby, it isn’t as easy to handle.”

“Well said,” I said. “What other sports did you play?”

“Tennis. Golf. I didn’t ever like it as much as I like tennis. Tennis is my favorite. It’s much easier to play. And ping pong. Do you play?”

Suddenly, I feel like I’m in the middle of a ping pong commercial. And yet, I’m completely fine with it because Maga sounds so much better tonight. If this is what it takes, bring it on, Big Ping Pong.


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