“What did you do today?” Maga asked.

“Went to work, got a flu shot, got my roof replaced,” I said.

“Your roof was repaired?”


“I hope it all goes away tomorrow.”

“I DON’T! I need a roof!”

“Oh, yes. Well, the travelers come home on Thursday.”

“They do! Do you think they’re having fun?”

“I don’t think so. I hope not.”

WHAT IS HAPPENING? IS TODAY OPPOSITE DAY? I decided to lay off a bit because my incredulous tone was throwing her for a loop. I let her tell me about the clouds outside, ask me about my day, and tell me about the commercials she was watching (side note: why is it always a commercial and never a main program?).

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Maga said. “It’s all moving so fast.”

“There does seem to be a lot happening on your tv right now.”

“I guess they know what they’re doing even if I don’t.”

She said it to the TV, but I could have easily said it to her…It’s a misty, spooky October night here and the atmosphere bled into the phone call. In fact, I’m not sure which part of this conversation was the most helpful/comforting for her: the part where I talked or the part where I listened or the part where her phone crapped out and she hung up on me?

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