“You’ll never guess who’s sitting in my living room,” Maga said.

“My parents!!”

“Yes. You got it. Your parents are here.”

“Guess who’s sitting in my living room?” I said.

Maga chuckled in that way where I knew she hadn’t heard me. *muffled off-screen talking* “She says you should be sitting in her living room.”

It’s not what I was going to say, but she’s right in that I was going to make a joke. I was going to point out that no one was in my living room with me, but her take on it was just as good. It was definitely more light-hearted than self-deprecating.

And then she put Mom on the phone, which was nice since I hadn’t caught up lately with my mom and it’s been a helluva week. Sometimes you just want to talk to your mom. Even grandmothers seem to know it, too.

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