“What did you do today,” Maga asked.

“I made shrimp scampi.”


“Shrimp. Scampi.”


“I made seafood for the first time.”


“I had an adventure in the kitchen.”

“Doing what?”

“Making seafood.”

“What kind.”



“What’s your favorite meal?” I asked.

“Golly. I can’t think. I’m not that picky.”

She fell silent for a bit. I let the silence linger in case she was thinking of a better way to answer.

“Roses and rosé,” Maga said.

Now the silence lingered as I spent some time pondering an appropriate response.

She continued right on, “This episode brought to you by stunned silence.”

(I kid you not. I am not making this up. This is the exact caption she read aloud. I know because I wrote it right down and my handwriting was shaky from my suppressed laughter!)

“Umm, Maga, what?”

“I can’t make out what’s on the television.”

“Oh.” (still trying to contain my laughter from her caption reading)

“I’m not making very much sense to me,” she said.

(Me either.) “It’s okay. It’s probably just a commercial. It doesn’t need to make sense.”

“Are you coming for my birthday?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

“How old will I be? 98?”


“How could I be that much ahead of the world?”

Ahead of the world, and yet, behind in tonight’s conversation. She’s truly a treasure. <3

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