“What did you do today,” Maga asked.

“I worked. I walked. I’m about to cook.”

“Did you go to the office?”

“Nope. Not allowed. I worked from home.”

“You worked?”

“At home. Yes. I have my computer here.”

“Your computer at 10:00?”

“Haha. No. My computer’s at home.”

“So you can really work all day if you’d like.”

“Unfortunately. Fortunately. What did you do today?”

“Well, I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window. Clouds. Blue sky. Sunshine.”

“All the right ingredients for a lovely day.”

“Except I’m not allowed outside. Not even to the hallway!”

“But that’s to keep the germs away.”

“It’s a drag. I’m so bored.”

“Girl, I understand.”

I didn’t get into the things I’ve done this quarantine (learned to knit, cooked A LOT, walked A LOT, facetimed A LOT, zoomed A LOT, read A LOT, etc. etc.) because as limited as I feel, I still have full use of all my limbs. Instead, I focused on empathy and lending my ears to her isolation tirade.

Anything to bring the sunshine inside since she can’t get it outside.

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