“Where are you?” Maga asked.

“I’m at my parents’ house.”

“How were you able to do that?”

“My dad drove up to get me.”

“That was nice.”

“It was…” I dropped the phone and as I bent to pick it up, accidentally grabbed it by the hang up the phone button. After a few calls back went directly to voicemail, I got through.

“Did we get disconnected?” Maga asked.

“We did. Sorry. My fault.”

“That’s okay. I forgive you.”

“What are you up to tonight?” I asked.

“I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle. [Caregiver M] is helping.”

“That sounds rather fun.”

“Well, it’s not bad when you get right down to it.” As I chuckled, she continued, “38 across. Ask about. Query. Do you think that’s it?”

“Was the clue ask about query?”

“No. The answer is query.” As she spelled it out, I have to assume she was simultaneously writing it down. “Yes. I’m right.”

“31 down. [Cargiver M] could you come over here?”

“Dear, you have Abby on the phone. Talk to her.” As Maga repeatedly asked for her help (and ignored me), M went to get her glasses. “Casanova.”

“Well,” M said. “That’s going to be playboy.”

“That’s exactly right!” Maga said. “Very good!”

“49 down is going to be love,” Maga continued, as M and I listened on.

I suppose that’s one definition of it. Listening, helping, comforting, spelling.

Another one is reminding your grandmother of her daughter-in-law’s birthday today. (Happy birthday, Aunt C!) As I went over the details of that phone number, Caregiver M reminded Maga she’d already talked to her today and wished her a happy birthday.

Maga crushed the rest of the crossword puzzle. [Caregiver M] crushed crossing off Maga’s to do list. I crushed…well…listening to Maga’s daily activities. A rather successful Tuesday evening. ;)

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