The text from Caregiver M came through: “Hi Abby. Your Maga is up now” and so I dialed straight away.

“Hi, Maga! It’s Abby.”

“Hello there. Sorry I was asleep before.”

“It’s no problem. Did you get a nice rest?”

“I did. I feel much better now. What did you do today?”

“The usual. Worked on my computer. Ate some food. Went for a walk.”

“Oh. I wish you’d come visit me.”

“I wish I could!”

“They’re working out the details. You could come down soon. But make sure to call first so you don’t come over on…false pretenses.”

I hated to break the news that while visitors to her care center were now allowed, the plane ride to get there was not. “As soon it’s safe to fly, I promise I’ll be there.”

“Where are you living?”

“In [City, State].”

“Oh, that’s right,” Maga said. “How could I forget? I wish it wasn’t so far away. We’ll have to plan another get together soon then.”

“As soon as we’re able! I promise you’ll be my first visit!”

“I will?”

“Of course.”

I just hope I can fulfill that promise in a semi-reasonable amount of time. I’m not ready to break the news to either of us if I can’t.

While my brain veered left, Maga regaled me with tales of Aunt J and Uncle P’s visit. Outdoors. Masks. Warm sunshine. It’s always fascinating hearing what details Maga remembers and which Caregiver M has to fill in. Whatever details she does or doesn’t remember, though, I was thrilled to know some visitors were able to get there safely.

And for now, I’ll have to continue on with my phone calls as it’s the safest path forward, and as Maga has said to me on more than one occasion, “thank goodness for Alexander Graham Bell.”

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