“I’m just back from dinner,” Maga said.

“What did you have?” I asked.

“We were filled up with turkey and all the things.”

“Oh, yum. That sounds great!”

“Is your living room on?”

“Umm, my what?”

“Oh, you know what I mean. The tv with all the stories and taking up time and so on.”

“That’s the most accurate description of a tv I’ve ever heard.”

“What?” Maga said.

“No, I don’t have the tv on right now.”

There was some cross talk between Maga and her caregiver as Maga had to put the phone down so she could be moved from her wheelchair and over to the plush chair next to said tv.

“Here I am again,” Maga said, faintly.

“No, no. That’s not the telephone,” Caregiver R said. “That’s the remote.”

I bit back a laugh as I waited to be passed back to Maga. “Here I am again,” she said much louder now that she was holding the proper appliance.

There she was with her slow words and muddled mind and here I was patiently waiting on the other end. I let her describe the tennis match on tv ad nauseum and only attempted twice to get her to talk about her own tennis playing days.

“I haven’t played lately, but I will soon,” she said.

Hey! She might. It’s 2020. Anything’s fair game.

2 thoughts on “11.10.20”

  1. I love reading your tuesdays with maga. You are gifted with sharing simplicity that brings a feeling of peace and helps me slow down for a few minutes and appreciate your relationship with maga. Thanks for writing! (I found you because you have the same name as my daughter!)

    1. Hi! Welcome! Thanks for reading! I love that your family (daughter) brought you here to stories about my family. <3

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