writing retreat

i’d heard of these things where a bunch of writers travel to a specific locale and do nothing* but write. i’m not entirely sure how i got (a) the label “writer” and (b) an invite to rockport, MA, but i did and i was and i accepted both.

after a weekend of words, i find myself only left with these:


and here are these:

rockport, MA
a little brainstorming. a little handwriting, a little afternoon sunshine.
walking for inspiration
my shadow is going places. hopefully the rest of me will too.
leaving my mark.
alternate views
game night
back to work
one last trip to the beach. note, it’s a little difficult to form your own ideas when another author’s words run on repeat in your head: “the sky and the sand and the sea and Corr.”

the end.

*nothing but eat, drink, listen to music, talk, play games, cook, brainstorm, sleep and write.

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ears and imaginations

after writing THIS POST and after listening to THE WITNESS, THE SCORPIO RACES and THE GURNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY, i realized there’s one more style of reading.


whether it’s an audio book or someone’s reading aloud to you, there’s nothing quite like this style of reading. there’s something about the words floating to your brain from your ears instead of from your eyes that ignites the imagination. there’s probably a more technical definition, but i think it’s got something to do with the fact that listening requires less brain power than reading which frees up the imagination portion of the mind.

and when the narrator is good, it can really elevate a story. it’s a completely different medium than a movie, but it’s also very different than the regular act of reading. basically, however you want to classify it, i like it.

of course, we all know the original audio book was the bedtime story. snuggled under the covers with dim lighting and a soothing voice reading to you? there’s nothing like it. then again, my bedtime story cannot be of the scary variety because we all know monsters live in the shadows and i don’t want them creeping closer to my bed because they think i like to be scared, no siree. happily ever after, please!

or, well, maybe a story about these guys would be okay.

how about you? do you like audiobooks? being read to? are you an auditory learner or a visual one? does that make a difference? do you like to read aloud? can you make funny voices? how much money is there in being an audiobook narrator? is that enough of a variety of questions to get YOU to comment?

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think BIG

bria recently said: “Seriously, think big, huge and let other people rein you in!”

the comment wasn’t made to me specifically and i’m pretty sure it was made about writing, but i got to thinking about how it related to other areas in my life so here are some of my BIG dreams.

*become a storm chaser photographer. i mean, look at these! and this makes it seem not *too* difficult. forget the fact you have to read weather reports and do complicated math and have all sorts of photography equipment that i don’t own. this is totally attainable.

*see the northern lights

*go to thailand during Loi Krathong.

*own a pair of christian louboutin shoes.

*go backstage at a rock concert. CHECK!

what about YOU? what are some of your biggest, wildest, hugest, most outrageous, unrestrained and untamed dreams?


musical chain of events

it began with a question from maga: “have you heard of [a rock band]?”

it continued with brunch with a musician who had an unusual connection to my family and me with his.

it all went down saturday night when nancy, lauren and i showed up at will call at the paramount theater (where guster was performing) and i nervously spoke up.

me: “i think there are supposed to be some tickets waiting for me.”

girl: “sure. what’s your last name?”

me: “mumford.” *starts to spell…*

girl: “oh, yeah, abby.”

me: *turns to N and L with wide eyes*

girl: “here are your 3 tickets and here are 3 after show passes.”

me: *not sure which is falling faster — my jaw or my eyeballs out of head* *giggles* “umm, what? are? those?”

girl: “they’re like backstage passes, except there’s no backstage here. it’s like a meet and greet with the band.”

me: “oh, wow! thank you! i mean, wow, yeah, okay. GREAT!”

basically, the people i know know the people guster knows and i landed in the middle of an unbelievable situation: free tickets + backstage passes to meet the band!! have i mentioned that guster is one of my most favorite bands ever?

so not only did this concert have an unusual beginning upon entering the theater, but it had an unusual beginning when the show began. instead of an opening band, there was an opening comedian, which changed the tone of the evening turning it from a music concert into an event. (an event that, if you ask me, would have been better if it had included just the main attraction.)


fortunately, once the comedian’s time was up and guster took the stage, they did what they do so well — they rocked it out — with humor and charm and that’s why i’ve seen them (at least once) every year since 2003.

they put on a live show like no one else.

and this time i got to tell them so.

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