the point. the purpose.

what is the point and the purpose of this blog? i’m writing it so YOU (whoever that may be) can get to know more about me.  so i have a forum to rant and rave about whatever strikes my fancy. to wax poetically about life lessons. or rather, to wax on and wax off. to work on my writing and develop my writing habits. (both clearly need a lot of work). to practice putting myself out there. to give myself a deadline to stick to (one post a week). to pass along tidbits of news or articles that i found funny, illuminating, ridiculous, or smart. to be a little self indulgent. to work through the self-doubt that comes with being a writer or really, doing anything creative. to get to know myself. to document my process from semi-adulthood to FULL adulthood (and i’m hoping that’ll actually happen). to figure out what post will get the most views. to join the 21st century. to give my long distance family and friends another way to know me (and they can read this on their own time).

i also HOPE that someday, once/when/IF my writing career takes off, i’ll be able to turn my blog into one of those “i’m a published writer, let’s talk about what works for me”. or a “this is how i felt when i signed with my agent”. i love those blogs. seriously. i’ve come across so many good ones. like this one. or this one. or this one and this one’s great. this one is very educational. as is this one. i have blog envy of this one because even though i’m not a mom nor am i married, her words are gorgeous and i treasure each word as if it was a hershey’s kiss slowly melting in my mouth.

but what i’d REALLY like is this: since i’m introducing myself to you every post, i’d like YOU to do the same. who are my readers? who are YOU? write a little something about yourself in the comments so i can get to know YOU as well as you know ME. even if YOU tell me in passing conversation when YOU see me that you read it all the time. or even if you’re related to me. i want YOU to comment. kthxbai.

2 thoughts on “the point. the purpose.”

  1. I am Kristen. You were my first friend I made after college. We met six years ago. We learned how to do this “work” thing together. Sort of. We’re still learning. And I am glad we are still learning together.

    1. HELLO, Kristen. You’re the first commenter and probably one of my most stable readers. Merci beaucoup! In addition to learning about “work”, I think we can add learning about blogging and twittering and figuring out technology to that list. We’ve got a lot to learn, but it’s always more fun with you by my side.

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