big top compliments

a seemingly simple little conversation on twitter:

mumfusa: i have this weird crick in my back. it’s making me walk and sit tilted. do you think the circus would hire me as a side show?

tawnafenske @mumfusa circus employment is always a worthy alternative for any writer.

did you HEAR that? tawna fenske (a hilarious and witty and funny and successful writer) called ME a writer. did you get that? no? let me repeat. she. called. me. a. writer.


that just made my day on so many levels. thank you!

i suppose this means i should get my act (my writing one, not my circus one) in gear and finish my WIP so that i can start on the journey to be a real writer, a published writer, not just one who dreams of such things. i actually sort of feel like a real fire’s been lit under my hiney. (that or it’s the beans i ate for lunch.)

well, if my original dream fails, the circus is always waiting. perhaps they’ll promote me from side show freak to human cannon ball. i can almost hear the oohs and aahs of the crowd beneath the big top.

2 thoughts on “big top compliments”

  1. Snort! OK, I had no idea you’d mentioned me on your blog today. Just thought I’d bop by and see what you’d been chatting about and I almost died when I saw my name. You don’t know how funny and bizarre it is to be swooned over, since I sometimes still assume people see me as “that chick who’s been writing forever and can’t seem to get a @#$% book deal.” But then I remember that I finally DO have a book deal, and it makes me happy. Then I see that people like you are actually looking forward to my books, and I get so excited I sometimes pee myself.

    Gotta go change my pants now. Thanks for making my day!


    1. well you are very easy to swoon over. and plus, didn’t we already decide that i’m the fake president of your non-existent fan club? consider this the first act of my presidency.

      and THANK YOU for making MY day.

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