author appreciation week, day 3

And so continues our week-long celebration of Author Appreciation Week. This initiative was sparked by 2010 debut author Heidi R. Kling (see here for more details). I decided to pick 5 favorite authors + 5 anticipated authors to show my appreciation for. I’ll post one from each group each day, Monday – Friday. My first post is here. My second post is here.

FAVORITE AUTHOR: Ann M. Martin and Francine Pascal. Okay, so I cheated and picked two authors. It’s my blog, you can’t stop me. And besides, it’s better to have too much love than not enough, right? Both of these authors are from days gone by, but I have to pay tribute to them because they got me reading above my age level. My sister J was reading their books and I wanted to be like her. But pretty soon, it was the stories that captured my attention and I began to read for my own enjoyment instead of just because I was emulating J.

The heroines of Martin’s Babysitter’s Club (BSC) series started out as caricatures, but evolved into characters I loved to spend time with. They were smart and savvy and sassy and silly and serious and honest and helpful and alliteration is hard. I may not be a published author (yet), but it was because of people like Martin that I first entertained the idea of  putting my own words on paper. You have to appreciate that type of inspiration.

Pascal’s perfect size six twin sisters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield led more glamorous lives than those in the BSC — think Gossip Girl for the early 90’s. I think I stole these books right out of J’s room, but if she was reading it, that meant I had to be too. I had to know what it was like to be in high school, to be adored, to be in the middle of all kinds of drama. Those Wakefield twins really knew how to command attention and I happily gave them mine.

ANTICIPATED AUTHOR: Stephanie Perkins. I came across Stephanie’s blog and twitter courtesy of Kiersten White. (Side note: I am loving how accessible all of these upcoming authors are.) I put a lot of stock in recommendations, especially if they come from people who have similar tastes in writing and reading as me. But also, when someone (Stephanie) gets consistent praise from every person who talks about her? That’s when I take notice. That’s when I turned to her blog.

Said blog is charming and sweet with a touch of funny on the side. Her words appear effortless even when she’s writing about how much freaking research she had to do for her novel. An effortless post about an effort-full effort? I’d like to write me one of those. (I’d also like you to say that 10x fast.) Did I mention she posts pictures of cute boys? She does and I fully support this. If she’s putting up those kinds of photos in her blog, it leads me to believe that her novel is going to include some a very adorable boy as well. I am ready to swoon, Stephanie! Bring on your book. Oh wait, ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS doesn’t release until December 2010. That is really really really far away. I don’ t know if I’ll be able to handle the anticipation.

Hold my hand?

4 thoughts on “author appreciation week, day 3”

  1. *takes your hand*

    Thank you so, so much, Abby. I am honored (and unbelievably flattered) to be on your blog this week! I hope Anna’s boy lives up to your expectations — I am certainly VERY fond of him! — and I can’t wait to share him with the world.

    1. and i am honored that you would stop by my little old blog. THANK YOU!!

      i’m sure that when December rolls around, Anna and her boy are going to be very warmly received by me and the rest of the world. can’t wait!

  2. Wow – Ann M. Martin!! I would have completely forgotten to add her to one of my AAW posts without your blog, so thank you! I am certain I read each of the Babysitter’s Club books 100 times. I think she inspired me to start writing too.

    1. hi liz – i was having a little trouble commenting on your site, so i will post here what i was going to say there.

      to quote you: “And I think that’s what great writers do – they make you reconsider how you think about your world.” i love this! it’s so true. and very well stated.

      isn’t this author appreciation week fun? it’s been really great to put into words exactly what i liked about this author or why i can’t stop laughing at that author. well done on your posts!

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