easter traditions

i’m not sure why it started, but it did. and easter 2004 was the inauguration. the event: my (east coast, immediate) family drove up to visit me in boston over easter weekend. and now it continues every year. once a year. 3, 4, or 5 of them make the trek to see me. rain. shine. cold. hot. mild. wild. frigid. chilly. frozen.

the first easter, it was just mom, dad, and sister E. this year, it was just them again. J&T were unable to join the festivities because J is due with baby Mac in 3 weeks and T had doctor duty. so instead of a party of 6, we were a party of 4. but that didn’t slow us down. not one bit. if anything, we were more mobile due to the slimmed down family size. the other main change was that the parents + E came up saturday night and left sunday night due to E’s demanding lacrosse schedule. which means we had a lot to pack in in 24 hours.

we did the USUAL, such as dinner at ole (including guacamole and sangria), dessert at christina’s, brunch at johnny d’s, laughing, arguing, enjoying one another’s company, showing off my version of this city, getting to see mom/dad/maga/jobo/grandpa/rosemary’s view of this city. (fun fact, all of my grandparents and even my parents went to college up here and they ALL met on blind dates.)

we did the UNUSUAL, such as prom dress shopping for E, taking test runs in new sneakers with rolled up pants and goofy socks, eating at two new restaurants (mom didn’t like 1, dad didn’t like the other. oops), leaving dad at borders while we shopped for this, that, and the other thing, eating frozen yogurt for dinner, and me paying for that fro-yo.

over the course of the (far too short) time they were here and while doing both the USUAL and UNUSUAL, i learned a surprising amount about these people i call my family.

for instance, MOM. she still delights in making sure everyone around her is happy. even at the expense of her own happiness. she laughs at her husband of 39+ years because he is utterly content with doing his own thing while 3 of his girls shop. she laughs harder when i start giggling and can’t stop. she texts like a pro because, well, one of her daughters is 18 and she had to learn in order to be able to establish contact with the alien race that goes by the name teenager. she sighs in relief when finally being able to sit down. she hugs me twice because she forgot she already said goodbye.

for instance, SISTER E. she is 18. and is at the corner of teenville and adulthood. and is only mere months away from turning down that path going full steam ahead to adulthood. i can’t wait to see what she encounters. but even now, as she teeters at that corner, seeing her and hearing her reminds me a lot of myself at that age. and frankly, it’s cool to see how far i’ve come since i was 18 years old. i remember feeling so old and so worldly, when in fact, i was just beginning to learn about who i was and what i was capable of. in fact, i am still learning about what i am capable of. and so, it’s exciting knowing how much E has in front of her – to see and do and learn and play and struggle and grow and be passionate about. i can’t wait to watch her conquer all of that.

for instance, DAD. he is the happiest when he’s around a book. and put him in a book store in a comfy couch, he’ll read 168 pages in 20 minutes. “i was skimming.” when faced with a store filled with racks and towers and shelves of clothing, he’ll turn right back around and call over his shoulder “i’ll be at borders.” and yet when i too had hit my shopping limit and decided to wait outside in the sunshine, he was happy to sit with me and chat. this is a minor miracle because growing up, we did not speak the same language. sure we were both speaking english, but his words were skewered with mathematics and science while mine were tinted with fairy tales and friends and teen angst. we have finally(!) reached a common ground of sports and business and responsibility. that and i can actually hear the wisdom in his words.

but the main thing i learned this weekend was that while we may know how to push each other’s buttons to cause crankiness and crabbiness and caustic behavior, we also know how to laugh and linger and enjoy each others’ company. i am glad that we spent the majority of the time doing the latter. and eating chocolate.

happy easter, mumford style.

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