other(s) words

i’ve been reading a lot of wonderful words by others lately, so i figured i should share their words with you instead of imposing my own amateurish words on your brains.

a post on what being a mother means, including all body, mind, and soul morphing aspects.

a post on the definition of an author. this definition spins in my favor. sweet diggity!

a post on being funny in the face of danger. i’d love to think this is how i’d act, though i’d probably either (a) remain mute or (b) run away and hide. i guess i’ll have to start taking more risks to see what personality my courage has.

a post on what being humble, arrogant, and/or having a lack of confidence REALLY means.

a post on twitter because i love me some twitter. and i love me so funny. and she says it better than i ever could, would, should, hood…oops, got carried away.

continuous posts on gratitude because it is so important to feel. and express. and she makes even the most mundane thing seem miraculous. and i’m grateful for that.

a blog that i read daily. because i need help in this area.

a post on writerly advice from sue grafton. because she’s been in the trenches. she knows how to battle with words. how to wrestle with chapters. how to beat down self-doubt. how to knock out an ending. and how to keep writing when you’re covered with bruises.

a post on a brand new way to use Microsoft Excel. this is so creative and right up my alley. i am planning to adopt this for sure.

a post about what you’d say to your high school self given the opportunity. HILARIOUS.

this post. ah, this post will make you feel a little bit better about your life. i hope.

and this post. it’s a pretty picture and i want to end on a high note.

click, read, enjoy, enrich your mind.

you’re welcome.

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