graduation, family reunion, wedding: a photo essay.

let’s rewind a bit, shall we? the week of june 21-27 was a whirlwind. first, there was the family reunion in NJ. we reunined (fun, new word!) because sister E was graduating from high school. and if that’s not a reason to get together and CELEBRATE…well, it is a perfectly good reason. so that’s what we did.

the FAMILY REUNION. where kids and toys and games and parents and grandparents and and great grandparents and aunts and uncles and siblings and cousins were in every nook and cranny.

the cousins, who now live on opposite coasts were introduced.

the girls were excited to meet.

the boys, not so much.

once kids are introduced into the mix, it’s so fun to compare traits. genetics and personality. some of us have the same toes. some have similar color eyes. some have their dad’s nose, their mom’s  smile and the sweat glands of their aunt. some are shy like their dad. some are studious like their uncle. some are tall like this side of the family. some are stocky like that side of the family. some are still waiting to develop.  but you can’t deny the family resemblance here. it is uncanny. which one’s the graduate? which one’s the aunt? which one’s the niece?

then came the GRADUATION. which was as hot and stuffy and as full of cliched speeches as you might imagine. but we attend because we’re there to applaud sister E’s efforts over the past 4 years. her efforts in learning, in living, in playing, in growing. she’s finished one chapter and it’s immediately time for a new one to begin. a chapter that is slightly scary and exciting and full of independence. so we gather now to let her know we’re here. always here. supporting. and doing the things families do best. loving. so, here’s the graduate herself. looking all spiffed up and ready for college. or perhaps, more celebrating.

speaking of MORE celebrating, i had just that in store for me at the end of the week. this time, it was friends (and their families) gathering to cheer for the culmination of a love affair. you might recall my adventures in white washing a barn? well, it was time for that barn to take center stage at lauren and  nate’s wedding. but more importantly, it was time for LOVE to put on its cap and gown and stand up on stage and accept its diploma of marriage. congrats, you two!

4 thoughts on “graduation, family reunion, wedding: a photo essay.”

  1. Weddings, graduations, reunions…circle of life stuff. So refreshing to know that you can take a moment and appreciate it and bask in it and know that you were there when.

    I love these moments.

    1. thanks, kelly! it was a crazy tornado of events all jumbled into one week, so it WAS fun to go back through the pictures and moments while recapping for my dear, dear blog readers.

  2. Sweat glands of their aunt?! Love it!

    I’ve been watching my friend’s daughter grow up and it’s fascinating to watch which of her features belong to her mom or her dad.

    1. these kids have 3 aunts, you know. it’s a MYSTERY which one i’m referring to.

      the even more fascinating part of genetics is when you get to see the kids next to more relatives than just their parents. for instance, my bro’s oldest daughter is the identical twin of my youngest sister. it’s bizarre. but so cool at the same time. i should have paid more attention in science class.

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